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Spaceward Announces Worlds' Most Powerful FREEWARE Image Editing,
Vector Paint & 2D Graphics Software

Satori Award-Winning 2D Digital Imaging Technology Is Now FREE.
Download Your Freeware Version Now!

Cambridge, England – March 2nd 2000 - Spaceward announced today the immediate availability of Satori PhotoXL 2.29, the world's most powerful FREEWARE graphics software featuring real-time vector paint, graphics, "non-destructive" layer-based photo-editing and special effects for artists, designers, digital photographers, business and home users.

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Satori Freeware Software – upgrade offers from only $29.95
Key Features
Key Features …continued
What reviewers and users say about Satori
Satori Product Range
Upgrade Pricing, Ordering, Availability and Support
New Japanese and others Language versions
Investor Relations – New Internet Graphics Development
FREE Trial Downloads, Press Information & Reviews
Satori System Requirements
About Satori
About Spaceward


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Satori Freeware Software – upgrade offers from only $29.95 (£18.95)

Satori is the only 2D graphics software to freely combine the power and flexibility of vector graphics with the versatility, speed and natural response of bitmap image editing software. Using advanced object-based graphics with integrated "non-destructive" bitmap drawing & editing, Satori delivers the best scaleable and editable results for pro-level digital art, graphics, imaging, digital photography, design, graphics and the web.

"We launched the freeware edition to offer the entire PC digital imaging community with the opportunity to explore a totally new high performance ‘non-linear’ design and editing workflow".
Said Mark Lister, Sales & Marketing Director.

"Satori technology was designed for professionals in high end imaging and movie special effects to provide the ultimate real-time drawing, multi-layer design and retouching experience. The freeware version is based on the same technology allowing even entry-level PC users to work fast irrespective of canvas size, combine vector and bitmap graphics freely, edit images "non-destructively" and complete design changes even after saving."

"There is no other freeware graphics software available that allows 100Mbyte poster size images to be edited as fast as 1Mbyte web size images and output the results to any new format and at first generation quality. This amazing innovation in digital imaging is now freely downloadable from leading internet graphics resource sites and will be especially welcomed by PC users seeking to break-free from inflexible memory intensive pixel-based drawing and image editing software".

With upgrade offers from only $29.95 (£18.95), the many advancements and improvements offered by the latest Satori version 3 products will provide Satori freeware users with even more power and design flexibility to:


Key Features

Satori version 3 features include:

Superfast Editing – Interactive editing irrespective of image size with low memory usage
Real-time Paint – Vector painting, drawing and illustration in real-time at any resolution
Workflow – Uninterrupted workflow between Satori, Photoshop and compatible software
Integrated Design - Work with bitmap images and vector graphics freely
"Non-destructive" editing – Import and edit images without sacrificing quality
64-bit* processing – 16-bits per color channel with sub-pixel accuracy for ultimate output
Masks – Superb real-time control for layer masking and photo-montaging effects
Layers - Work fast using Photoshop compliant layers, masks and alpha channels
Large Brushes – Superfast 10,000+ pixel size with real-time progressive undo/redo
Illustration - Over 1600 paint and drawing styles includes custom shape, filters and movie styles.
2D design - Over 3000 design and image processing controls
2D Shapes - Full range editable vector shapes, splines, freehand & line tools
Splines – Node-based editing for spline lines and shapes
Text - Editable text includes auto-drop shadow, multiple drop shadow, feathering and transparency
Effects – Apply layer effects using vector shape, bitmap, text and brush objects
*FilmFX & WebFX 2000 versions only.

MORE Key Features (see below) …..

Click here for more information about the latest Satori version 3 products. You can also download a free fully functional trial of Satori FilmFX64 version 3 and experience the many new advancements provided. 


What Reviewers and Users Say About Satori

"If you're looking for a versatile 2D graphics editor or paint program but are on a budget, check out Satori PhotoXL. This power-packed freebie lets you work efficiently with an unlimited number of image layers at any resolution or size. You can make changes at any time and enjoy impressive output results with sub-pixel accuracy. The program is reminiscent of a vector graphics package instead of a pixel editor." ZDNet (FIVE Star Highest Rating)

"I would like to feature your product on my web site as 'the product of the decade'. I have been using Satori for about 3 days, and already I WILL NOT GO BACK to any other painting tools. Satori's working method has enabled me to redefine my style, allowing me to think in more free form brushing terms. Da Vinci would have killed for the ability to keep zooming in on his canvas." Kano, digital artist and founder of

"Imagine my horror when 2 hours of cutting alpha channels ended in a power cut before I had bothered to save manually. Imagine my elation when I booted Satori and it asked me if I wanted to restore the files it had auto saved, thanks guys - lovely software." Jason Frank, Televideo Productions

"I have come to realise what a brilliant program Satori is for fine artists (painters and illustrators). A true hybrid, Satori is object based like the vector programs but you can use it to paint just like a paint program. It has all the freedom for expressive brushwork. Its speed and power at producing large images, small file sizes, as well as its versatility at creating custom brushes, frankly leave all the bitmap programs I've tried in the starting gate. (And I have tried a fair few.) Tim Ross, Fine Artist and illustrator

"I've been a Photoshop user since 1.0 and a Painter user since 2.0. I've been interested in

Satori for some time. With the latest release of FilmFX (and the unbeatable promo price), I bit the bullet and got it. It's an amazing program, and frankly I think it has the potential to kick Photoshop's butt. No program in the world can beat the Satori "smudge" tool" Rob Rogers, Artist

"Amazing functionality leaves market leading Photoshop looking comparatively outdated, underpowered and overpriced. Here's your chance to see the graphics engine of the future". PC Pro Magazine

"PhotoXL rendered a 22MB graphic twice as fast as Photoshop could resize the same file. It opened a 22MB file in seven seconds, Photoshop took a huge 68 seconds. It's a ridiculously powerful piece of software. PC Plus Magazine

Click here for the full selection of reviews and customer testimonials visit


Satori Product Range

Satori is available in four design programs and a Photoshop compatible plug-in suite. All the Satori design programs feature the same powerful GUI, paint and layer-based design features. FilmFX comprises all the features from the other versions plus added high-speed functionality. Upgrades from the Freeware version to the latest Satori version 3 software are available from only $29.95.

Satori version 3 products feature more than 40 major advancements and improvements. FilmFX and WebFX 2000 versions offer the very latest web-graphics design, optimization, animation and HTML output capabilities. For more product information including new feature highlights,


Upgrade Offers, Ordering, Availability and Support

The downloadable freeware version does not qualify for technical free support. Free unlimited technical support is provided to paid-up registered users of Satori version 3 products. Upgrades from the freeware version to the latest Satori 3.0 versions are currently available from only $29.95 (£18.95).

*Upgrade (electronic) to Satori PhotoXL v3



*Upgrade (electronic) to Satori FilmFX v3



*Upgrade (boxed copy) to Satori FilmFX v3


(£95.00) (add $8/£5 shipping)

Satori Reference Guide


(£6) downloadable PDF version

Satori Reference Guide


(£18.95) printed version (add $8/£5 for shipping)

*US.English Versions Only
Satori FilmFX 3 includes PaintFX plug-ins


Upgrade offers from Freeware to FilmFX64 or Satori Japanese versions are not currently available.

You can order upgrades by:
Telephone: +44 (0) 1954 261333
Fax: +44 (0) 1638 731795
Satori Store
On-Line Stores
Authorized Resellers

All orders include 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.


New Japanese and other Language versions

The Satori product range is currently available in US.English versions only but other language support can be expected soon. Details about the new Japanese Satori range will be released shortly in a separate news announcement. A free fully functional trial download of the new Japanese version can already be downloaded.

For news & availability of the new Japanese product range, contact us.

Spaceward is looking to develop more localized versions and would welcome interest from distributors and/or marketing companies based in France, Germany and/or the Netherlands with experience in localising graphics software. For more information, please contact us.


Investor Relations – New SVG Internet Graphics Development

Satori FilmFX and WebFX2000 software already features support for internet graphics design, animation, optimization and management. Satori award-winning object-oriented graphics technology for Windows offers an unrivalled platform for developing next generation internet graphics design, digital imaging, special effects and animation software. Spaceward is a privately funded company and welcomes business, licensing and/or investor interest to help accelerate the development of new Satori design, animation and internet SVG (new scaleable vector graphics format) compatible graphics products, more language versions and new Satori versions for other leading operating systems including MacOS, BeOS and/or Linux.

For more information about Satori business opportunities and investment, please email


FREE Trial Downloads, Press Information & Reviews

A Free, 10-day fully functional of the latest Satori 64-bit software (FilmFX64) and Photoshop compatible plug-ins can be downloaded from or

We welcome press interest in completing a review of the Freeware or latest version 3 products. Press review packs for the latest software are available on request. For more press information or to request a review pack, contact Lisa Porter at +44 (0) 1954 261333; fax +44 (0) 1638 731795; email [email protected]; or visit our press pages


System Requirements

Pentium or comparable processor
Windows® 95, 98, Windows® NT 4.0 & Windows 2000
64MB RAM recommended, 6MB hard disk space (not including tutorials), Super VGA (800x600) or higher with true color mode (1024x768 true color or higher recommended)
Pressure-sensitive tablet recommended

More Key Features

Key Features Continued

Darkroom – Advanced clone, auto-correct, dodge, burn, sharpen, blur and red-eye removal
64-bit* Gradients – ‘Band-free’ object-based gradients using transparency, linear, radial and box shading
64-bit Plug-in Filters - Create custom filters and apply using CanvasFX plug-in (supplied free with FilmFX versions)
Magic Wand - Object-based magic wand for masking, fills and logo/artwork vectorization
AutoMask – Chroma, luma and random mask generation
Color Correction – powerful 64-bit* color correction, enhancement with levels and auto-levels
Infinite Undo - Operations remain "floating" to allow re-editing at any time even after saving
Layout – Sub-pixel grids display with rulers and web-slicing options
Full Screen – Work interactively at full screen, zoom and/or simultaneous multiple views
Precision - Work at sub-pixel detail with infinite zoom capability
Multi-format - Design and output for film, video, multimedia, photo, print and web
Web Tools* - Create, real-time optimize and output web graphics, animations & HTML
Web* Design – Design and freely re-edit work (includes slicing, map and rollover settings)
Animation* Rotoscoping, brush animation and batch automation features for web, video & film
High Resolution Printing – Unmatched print quality with flexible crop, fit to paper and multiple image layout options.
Scanning – Twain support for scanners and digital cameras
Wizards - Photostitch, Java rollovers* and Onion Skinning* wizards for advanced feature setup
Graphics Formats – Import/exports all popular 8/16/24/32/48/64 file formats incl AVI/GIF movie support
Auto-backup - Automatic save and restore facility
Canvas – Scaleable image format for exchange, re-editing and rasterization at any time
Other languages – New Japanese version shipping soon.

*FilmFX64 & WebFX 2000 versions only.
*64-bit filters can be created with any Satori version and applied in any Photoshop compatible software using CanvasFX plug-in.


About Satori

Satori 2D graphics and design software combines photographic quality with real-time performance for unparalleled productivity, creativity and quality of output. First to combine vector and editable object-based bitmap image processing in a single environment, Satori offers a comprehensive range of freely scaleable object-based 2D design tools including natural media brush drawing, illustration, photo-retouching, 2D graphics, compositing, color correction, image processing (batch processing and macro), special effects, rotoscoping, animation and web-design

About Spaceward Graphics Ltd.

Headquarters in Cambridge (UK), Spaceward is a privately funded leading independent British developer of painting, drawing, photo-composition, "non-destructive" image editing and 2D graphics software for enhanced creativity and real-time interactivity. Satori® the award-winning resolution independent graphics software products for Windows '95, Windows '98, Windows NT & Windows 2000 are available to business, education, government and leisure customers Worldwide. Also see investor relations for information on new business development.

For more press information, contact Mark Lister or Lisa Porter at +44 (0) 1954 261333; fax +44 (0) 1638 731795; email [email protected]; or visit


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