Peter Whitehead

Digital art for animation is how Peter describes his work

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For more images & tutorials created by Peter Whitehead using Satori please visit
Michael Hirsh

An Animation Background Artist and Art Director at Uli Meyer Studios in London.

For more images & tutorials created by Michael Hirsh using Satori please visit
Amos Willbond

Amos is a freelance designer working at Spaceward.

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Mark Graham

Mark is the training manager at Spaceward

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Jude Gordon

Jude is a photographer just starting out in the digital world.


Raymond Ore

Raymond Ore is a a freelance Illustrator working from South London.

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Brian Lutt

Brian is a visulization artist at Engineering Solid Solutions, Detroit

Arm rest
Haus Teknikka

London, [email protected]

Splobz !End of the LineMovie FXRed Dwarf Ident
Huge Designs

London, [email protected]  

See the Light Lunch article for examples from Huge designs
Ergozign Industrial & Environmental Design

Rory Hocking, New Zealand

North Above Planting
Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy has been interested in computer graphics for a number of years now,but has only started to produce his own images over the past 6 months.

Course Of Time 2Pink RosesWave Hopper
Coming from a Design/Engineering background, he is now finding his new learned skills for producing training documents and presentations.
"I've always been creative from as far back as I can remember, but using Satori I find that I have a real focus for my creativity"
Barron Potts

The Phoenix Alliance

alliancet.jpg (5319 bytes)
This image started out as a drawing by Nick Hearn and then enhanced by Barron using Satori. Together they have worked on various projects in the past, in such fields as the car industry and music promotions. Barron has also worked in animation, film production and video editing. Barron explains, "The phoenix is something close to my heart, as I have multiple sclerosis myself. The Pheonix Alliance is a group of people who are disabled and able bodied, working together."
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