Create a
soft-focus effect with Satori
by Cavan Scott

Turn your pictures into misty-eyed treasures with Satori.

CAsoftfocus1.jpg (68982 bytes)
1Ever notice that movie stars often appear in soft focus to cover up their wrinkles and lines? Satori can have the same effect on you. First, open a picture of yourself and select the Rectangle tool from the Geometry Action palette’s Shape tab.
CASoftFocus2.jpg (67758 bytes)
2 Hit the Filled button and switch to the FX-1 tab. Click on Blur and change the values in the blur boxes to x=10 and y=10.
CASoftFocus3.jpg (58185 bytes)
3 Once you think you’ve covered all the colours in the background, switch back to the Construct tab and hit the Add Keyer button. Hey presto, the background will disappear, enabling the layer underneath to show through.
CASoftFocus4.jpg (63473 bytes)
4 Select Load to Layer under the File menu and click OK on the resulting Load to Layer box, making sure that the New Layer option is checked. This will copy the original image on to a second layer.
CASoftFocus5.jpg (65797 bytes)
5 Switch to the Keying Action palette and highlight Luma under the Construct tab. Now switch to the Luma/Random tab and set the levels to 100 per cent upper and 0 per cent lower.
CASoftFocus6.jpg (65288 bytes)
6 Go back to the Construct tab and press Add Keyer. A dialog box will appear asking if Satori can create a new mask. Click OK and the blurred layer will merge with the finer details of the secondary layer to form that romantic shot.



Reproduced with kind permission of Windows Answers magazine, Future Publishing