Screened out   by Cavan Scott

The blue-screen effect is often used in movies
to place actors in bizarre situations. Satori
can do the same…
CAScreened1.jpg (40804 bytes)

1 Open your background image, then import your foreground picture as a new layer by clicking on the Open icon, browsing for the file name and selecting the As New Layer option. The second layer should ideally have a solid background colour not found in the shades of the first picture.
CAScreened2.jpg (41281 bytes)

2 Choose the Keying button on the Actions palette and highlight Chroma under the Construct tab. Switch to the Include tab. Drag the cursor across the layer’s background and Satori will identify the colours you want to delete, displaying each shade in the Include box.
CAScreened3.jpg (45105 bytes)

3 Once you think you’ve covered all the colours in the background, switch back to the Construct tab and hit the Add Keyer button. Hey presto, the background will disappear, enabling the layer underneath to show through.



Reproduced with kind permission of Windows Answers magazine, Future Publishing