Satori file types by Cavan Scott

Take advantage of Satori’s proprietary formats…


Any image you work on in Satori is known as a Canvas. It is also possible to save your work as a Canvas (cvs) file, which is useful as it is completely resolution-independent, enabling Satori to output it at any pixel resolution, size or colour depth.

Satori’s other main file format is RIR or Resolution Independent Rastor. RIRs come in handy when working on extremely large files as they reduce the time it takes for Satori to load or edit pictures. Simply go to the File menu and pull down to the Convert to RIR option. Browse to find the image you want convert and then select the destination of the newly-created RIR file. Before the RIR file is saved Satori will give you the option of rotating the image. Once you’ve finished your work, go to the Convert from RIR tool in the File menu.



Reproduced with kind permission of Windows Answers magazine, Future Publishing.