Step-by-Step Tutorial

Digital Makeover Tutorial




Hint: Use the rightbutton click to select outline cursor and to access other brush options.

There are many new tools to work with in Satori, and the best way to learn is to start using the product right away. Draw using any of the brush styles included in the paint menu and then have a go at this step-by-step tutorial.

All the images you need are included on the CD-ROM supplied with Satori. You’ll see all the main toolbars and menu’s when you first open Satori. In this tutorial, we will be using the shortcut toolbar found at the top of the menu.


Layers, masks and alpha channels are used by image editing professionals. They enable you to selectively edit parts of an image. Satori also has editable objects. Objects exist on layers and can be individually edited at any time to allow effects to be selectively applied without having to use separate layers.

Professional image editing software normally requires expensive computers and large amounts of RAM but you can edit large images in Satori with only limited RAM. For best performance, you should convert images on loading to the Satori RIR format.

For more information on any menu or operation press F1 in Satori.

Let’s get started.


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