Introducing Satori - Burning Logo (v2.x)


This tutorial is intended to serve as an introduction to Satori, resolution independent Paint & Graphics Software for Windows95, Windows98 and WindowsNT. I will cover basic topics such as image compositing, chroma-keying and text editing.

"Not an everyday sight in Surbiton"

I will begin by loading the image FIRE.PCD. This is a scan of a 35mm color transparency of a fire-eater in a Singapore street by John Gordon. As I open this image Satori converts

it to its own file format and saves a copy as FIRE.RIR. From now on I will use this and (other RIR files only) in order to benefit fully from Satori’s amazing speed/performance.

What I find most interesting about this image are the flames in the upper half so I’ll rotate the image 90 degrees (later I’ll crop it) and apply a COLOR CORRECTION.

"The Color Correction tools can be used to darken the image or increase the contrast"

The next step is to "key" out the background in order to isolate the flames for future use. I can do this in a number of ways but, being lazy, I’ll opt for the easy solution - a CHROMA KEY. From the KEYING ACTIONS PALETTE I open the INCLUDE tab and pick (from the screen) the colors I want to remove.


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