I m a g e O p t i m i s i n g
Using Satori To Reduce The Size Of An Image
Dimensions (physical size) or Bytes (file size)

and optimize it for use on the World Wide Web.

For Satori WebFX and FilmFX version 3.00 and above only



Satori is a useful tool for optimizing images for display on the World Wide Web. Images can be physically scaled and the efficiency of various compression methods and file formats compared interactively using the File Size and Download Time  tools on the Web Optimizer dialog.

Start Satori in the usual way and, from the File menu, click Open. This will launch the Load Image dialog. Locate the file you want to open and click Open. This will launch the Load To Layer dialog. You can use image Church.tif from the Satori\Tutorials folder

pic001.gif (7752 bytes)

Accept all default settings on the Load To Layer dialog and click OK. This will either open the image immediately or launch the Large File Warning dialog. If the Large File Warning dialog is launched click Continue.

pic002.gif (4620 bytes)

Once the image is open on the Satori desktop select the Web Options menu at the top of the page. From the Web Options menu select Optimizer Wizard. This will launch the Image Optimizer dialog.

pic003.jpg (44538 bytes)

Select GIF or JPEG as the desired output filetype as appropriate. A preview of the image will appear in the right hand side of the dialog to offer instant, visual reporting of the effect of the current settings on the image.

If using JPEG set the compression level. A value between 50% and 100% is desirable. If in doubt use 80% (this offers a fine compromise between quality and size). Check the Progressive checkbox (this will reduce the file-size even more but without compromising quality).

If using GIF select Adaptive palette from the Use Palette roll-out. Accept all other default settings.

Notice the that as you make selections the values reported in the File Size and Download Time fields change accordingly. Set the speed of your modem in the At field to obtain a Download Time  for your own system.

Click Save Now at the bottom of the Image Optimizer dialog. This will launch the Save Bitmap As dialog.

pic004.gif (8219 bytes)

Enter a name in the Filename field such as xxx.jpg or xxx.gif. Be sure to add the .jpg or .gif extension and use the Browse button to point to a particular folder (destination).

In a panel marked Output Parameters there is an X Dimension field and a Y Dimension field. Enter a value of (example only) 250 pixels in whichever field contains the LARGEST value - the other dimension will automatically be scaled pro rata (I.E. in aspect).

pic005.gif (8407 bytes)

Accept all other settings and click OK. This will launch either the Save JPEG Options dialog or the Save GIF Options dialog. Check the settings and click OK.

pic006.gif (1785 bytes)

pic007.gif (2071 bytes)

The new, resized and web optimized image will have been saved at the location specified. You can now Upload this to a web site in the normal way.