Satori WebFX 2000

Trialware download available

Satori WebFX 2000 is the new complete integrated solution for web-graphics production. Design, edit, animate, preview and output superb web-graphics (including URL & JavaScript) with unrivalled ‘real-time’ optimization. WebFX 2000 seamlessly integrates advanced bitmap and vector graphics to deliver the most flexible and powerful web-graphics production environment in any single application.

All the professional tools needed to produce stunning web-graphics can be now be accessed from a single GUI using the latest tabbed palette controls. This interface controls the entire workflow from design and editing through to graphics optimisation and finally export. Web designers can make changes at any time even after exporting and see the results instantly using the interactive real-time ‘live effect’ and export previews.


The following web graphics features are available in Satori WebFX 2000 & FilmFX64 3.0

  • Web-graphics Design / Editing - Professional object-based graphics and image manipulation object-based tools comprise real-time natural brushes, geometric shapes, text, bezier paths, filters, transformation, color corrections and special effects from the award winning Satori FilmFX software.
  • Web-graphics Optimization - real-time preview for optimized export setting (JPEG, JPEG progressive, PNG, GIF, animated GIF & BMP), advanced optimized palette controls with web-safe, standard, adaptive and custom palettes with variable optional dithering, settings can be applied to a single file, file sequence or movie file.
  • Web-graphics Production - Editable object-based image maps and image slicing (setting stored in canvas file), JavaScript rollover wizard, Photo-stitch wizard, export HTML and batch processing.
  • Web-graphics Animation - Brush animation record / playback in real-time, JavaScript button rollover wizards, frame-by-frame animation (rotoscoping), auto-detect and import for file sequences, onion skinning previews, macro and batch processing. AVI / GIF (animated) import/export movie support with option to export individual layers as separate files.
  • Web-graphics Management - Web-graphics and HTML/JavaScript settings stored in canvas file for re-editing at any time, powerful file referencing (allows common graphical elements buttons, plinths etc to be easily repeated in one or more canvas documents) - edit the referenced source file for all occurrences to be updated automatically.


WebFX 200 - Benchmarks

All software was tested with 100% dithering set and any optimisation set if this resulted in a smaller file size. In the graphs below, larger values indicate a worse result.

GIF Support

Overall Results

chart1.gif (11906 bytes)


The overall figure was calculated by averaging the percentage of the original file sizes from the three tests below. Hence the lower the figure, the better the average performance.


Photo Images

Original Image 620x576 photo scan, in PNG format 545,581 bytes
50 Color Adaptive Palette

chart4.gif (8810 bytes)

25 Color adaptive palette

chart2.gif (8297 bytes)

Web Style Banner

Original image 150x40 web style graphic, in PNG format 3,714 bytes.
Format used was a 15 color adaptive palette

chart3.gif (7840 bytes)

All tests results also apply to Satori FilmFX / FilmFX64

These tests were also repeated using the JPEG format rather than GIF, but it was decided not to publish the figures obtained because of problems assessing image quality. The JPEG tests indicated that file sizes were all very similar for equivalent quality, with Satori producing slightly smaller files.



Satori WebFX 2000 & Macromedia Fireworks consistently performed well in all tests. Images exported by either product were highly optimized (small file size) but also maintained the highest image quality compared to the other products under test

After taking all test results into consideration, Satori WebFX 2000 was found to be placed best overall.